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The Board of Governors works hard to keep costs down. But one of the most effective ways to keep the KYC such a bargain to us members and ensure the KYC will be here for the future is to maintain our member list. Each year a few members leave the KYC (age out of boating, move out of state, financial reasons, etc). We must replace those members each year with new members to maintain steady membership income.

Our ONLY source of potential new members is YOU! The Board is working on a formal process to contact your boating friends and family but nothing works without YOU! Please always be mindful of this critical KYC initiative to keep membership numbers up, encourage your friends & family to join!

Contact Todd Clarke by email at ( if you have any questions at all.

Keystone Yacht Club History

190 Woodmere Blvd. South

​Woodmere, New York                      516-374-9811


Keystone Yacht Club

KYC Membership

The Keystone Yacht Club is a private, non-profit organization located on the south shore of Long Island at the Foot of Woodmere Boulevard in Woodmere, New York. It was established in 1888 as a family oriented Club dedicated to boating, sailing and waterfront activities.

It has been the tradition of the membership of Keystone Yacht Club to lend their knowledge, abilities and talents to help maintain the operation, grounds and facilities of our Club. Now, as then, we are committed to boating safety, camaraderie and the perpetuation of the organization in a social atmosphere.

A generous giving spirit and ethical practices are essential for the continuation of our existence. The sharing of the variety of talents of our members has proven to be beneficial to the Club and helps to control expenses and membership costs. All members are encouraged and expected to participate in the Club sponsored activities. This spirit is essential to the continued existence of our vibrant organization and adds to the feeling of fellowship shared by our members.