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Keystone Yacht Club

190 Woodmere Blvd. South

​Woodmere, New York                      516-374-9827


The Keystone Yacht Club offers winter storage space to friends, family members and boat owners that dock their boat elsewhere during the boating season, but might SAVE MONEY and otherwise benefit by establishing a house membership and storing their boats for the winter in the yard at the Keystone.


As with any new member, a prospective member must be recommended and seconded by existing members in good standing at KYC, immediately after which a brief interview with members of the Board of Governors will take place. Upon approval, the recommended party will be offered membership at the Keystone, which will entitle him/her to not only store their boat in the yard, but to the same year-long benefits and club usage (member prices and usage at the club bar, restaurant, catering, shooting, etc.) as any other house member in good standing.  

FEE SCHEDULE: (Tax not included)

          Initiation Fee (one time only):            $200.00

          Annual House Membership Fee:           $660.00

          Annual Winter Storage Fee:                 $40.00 per foot

(Winter storage fee includes: Boat being hauled, bottom power-washed and blocked.)