​Officers, Board of Governors and Chairmen

190 Woodmere Blvd. South

​Woodmere, New York                      516-374-9811

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Keystone Yacht Club


  Commodore                     Louis Esposito           Commodore@Keystoneyachtclub.com
 Vice Commodore:                      Robert Mango                           ViceComm@KeystoneYachtClub.com


 Rear Commodore:                      David Norman                          RearComm@KeystoneYachtClub.com

 Fleet Captain:                            Bo Madden                               FleetCapt@KeystoneYachtClub.com

 Financial Secretary:                    Joe Adorno                              FinSec@KeystoneYachtClub.com

 Recording Secretary:                   Sam Joseph                             RecSec@KeystoneYachtClub.com

 Treasurer:                                  Jason Teramo                          Treasurer@KeystoneYachtClub.com

 Board of Governors
 Kitchen Chairman:                      Louis Esposito & Robert Mango    Kitchen@Keystoneyachtclub.com
  Entertainment Chairperson:         John Faulhaber                         Parties@KeystoneYachtClub.com
  Relyea Room

 Technology Chairman:                   Michael Laxton                         Kycnews@KeystoneYachtClub.com

 Newsletter Chairman:                   Michael Laxton                          Kycnews@KeystoneYachtClub.com

 Ground Chairman:                         Gary Minzer                              Grounds@KeystoneYachtClub.com

 Fishing Chairman:                         Bill Germanakos                         Fishing@KeystoneYachtClub.com

 Fire Prevention:                            David Norman

 Dredging:                                      Robert Clark

 ByLaws Chairman:                          Sam Joseph

  Locker Chairman:                          Bob Sprance

  Lounge Chairman:                         John Barbarino

   N/A  - no committee                    Chris Lark

   N/A  - no committee                    Bill McGuinness

  Chair people (Non-Board members):

  Waterfront Chairman:             John Glasser

  Membership Chairman:           Todd Clarke                               Membership@KeystoneYachtClub.com

   Slip Chairman:                        Joe Furcht

  QuarterMaster:                        Enzo Guidi
  Klaybirds Chairmen:                Thomas "Woody" Bowker & Alex Michaelis

   House Chairman:                     ***open***                      


   Birthday Chairman:                 John Teramo                              Birthdays@KeystoneYachtClub.com

   Planning Chairman:                 ***open***

   DOCKMASTER:                        Santiago Hernandez                      Dockmaster@KeystoneYachtClub.com